Rev. C.P. Colmery Dies
After Short Illness; Last Rites Tomorrow

                 Rev. Charles Pier Colmery of Edwards, Miss., aged 79 years, died at a local hospital this morning  at, 4 o'clock, after a brief illness.

At the time of his death, Dr. Colmery had the oldest pastorate in Mississippi. Although residing in Edwards, he served four churches. Besides the Edwards church the others were at Yokena, Bolton and Queen's, Hill church.

Dr. Colmery was born January 6, 1859, at Carrollton, Miss. He attended school in , his youth under his father, near Vaiden, Miss.  Later he entered Southwestern Presbyterian University  located then at Clarksville, Tenn.,  now known as Southwestern in Memphis.

Graduating from Southwestern in 1888 he was married to Miss Clemmie Herring of Clarksville.  The two then went to Edwards where they have since resided.

Dr. Colmery was lookmg forward to celebrating his golden wedding anniversary in June of this year, and the fiftieth anniversary of his pastorate in July.

Deceased was a Mason, a Shriner, a Knight Templar, and a member of the Royal Arch Chapter.

He is survived by his wife, and the following children: Mrs. W. B. Gibson, Atlanta, Ga.; W. G. Colmery, Jacksonville, Fla.; Mrs. C. S. Hackler, Edwards; B. H. Colmery, Vicksburg; Mrs.  Pittman Sutton, Charlotte, N. C.; and C.P. Colmery, Jr., Vicksburg, and eleven grandchildren.

The remains will be taken to Edwards this afternoon and will lie in state in the Presbyterian Church, which he had served so faithfully for half a century, until the funeral hour which has been set for 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon.

The funeral services will be conducted by Dr. E. W. Ford of Goodman, Dr. J. B. Hutton of Jackson, and Dr. F. L. McCue, of Centerville, all life long friends and members of the same Presbytery of deceased.

Interment will be in the cemetery at Edwards.  Pallbearers will be:

Honorary: Clifton Farr, Oscar Farr, James Farr, Vaughn Ashford, W. A. Ward, A. J. Lewis,
H. A. Cannada, P. C. Bankston.   Sr., S. K. Askew, T. R. Armstrong, J. L. Noble, Dr. D. C. Alsobrook, Dr. B. C. Edwards, Dr. W. H. Parsons, Dr. L. J. dark, Dr. W. T. Lowry, Dr. T. B. Grafton. Rev. M. H. Wells.

Active: C. D. Noble, P. C. Bankston, Jr., C. 0. Read, T. J. Kinzer, P. J. Carroll, J. L. Hyland, W. Gearhart, and Milton Farr.

Honorary Degree Conferred
The Evening Post of June 20, 1932, had the following article relative to Dr. Colmery having received an honorary degree, and in connection with his celebration of his 44th wedding anniversary.

The article read in part:

"The honorary degree, Doctor of Divinity, was conferred on Rev. C. P. Colmery, pastor of the Presbyterian churches of Edwards and Yokena, at the recent commencement exercises held at Southwestern University at Memphis.

"It was a happy occasion for the beloved minister and his wife who renewed friendships of years ago and recalled memories pleasant to them both, this degree being conferred on Rev. Colmery on his 44th wedding anniversary.

"Forty-four years ago the minister graduating from Southwestern University, received his B. D. degree in the morning and that afternoon was united in marriage to Mrs. Colmery who was then Miss Clemmie Herring, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. B. N. Herring, the former a well known physician of Clarksville, Term.

"The young people came directly to the little town of Edwards, where since. Rev. Colmery has been the pastor of the Presby terian church there, filling the pulpit of the Yokena Presbyterian church every third Sunday In each month. "I have had offers to go to larger fields but have never felt the necessity of breaking up a harmonious pastorate," the minister commented in speaking of his long years of ministry at Edwards.

"I suppose I have buried more people, united more couples than any other one man anywhere around," he said.

"Hundreds  of   congratulatory messages were received by Dr. and Mrs. Colmery on their 44th anniversary and by Dr. Colmery on receiving his honor, which many expressed as a deserved honor long deferred. The degree was conferred on Dr. Colmery by Dr. Diehl, president of Southwestern. It was given by the board of directors of the college. "Dr. Colmery filled the pulpit at Yokena Presbyterian church yesterday, delivering an excellent sermon on 'Faith,' stating that the message he had to the young people with whom he spoke, who were graduating from Southwestern was “Through faith and trust In God, victory will be yours."


A Recent Write Up

Only a few weeks ago, on April 8th, Mrs. Eva W. Davis contributed an article to The Post relative to the Yokena Presbyterian church In which she referred In kindly manner to Dr. and Mrs. Colmery. Wrote Mrs. Davis:

"For four years after its beginning there was no regular pastor but on August 2nd, 1888, Dr. C. P. Colmery was called to pastor the flock. The life of this pastor is inseparably interwoven with that of the church. The membership reached a peak of one hundred and forty-six members at one time but through death or removal to other places of residence is now only forty-eight.

 The interior of the building Is ceiled diagonally giving a decorative effect, and the ceiling crossbeams bear large hanging lamps. On the pulpit the Aporcypha bible is still in use. It was published in 1838 by Andres, Judd and Franklin. Over the doorway bees come and go unmolested. The hive has been there for years. They have chosen a safe place to call home.

  In the quiet atmosphere of this place of worship, with birds singing in the trees outside, one may well feel he is in the house of God.

 The beloved pastor, Dr. C. P. Colmery, was born in Carroll county, Mississippi, and after his graduation from Southwestern Presbyterian University at Clarksville, Tenn. (the college has since been moved to Memphis, Tenn.) he was married to Miss Clemmie Herring and came directly to the Yokena and Edwards churches. Dr. Colmery is the oldest Presbyterian minister in the state and has the oldest pastorate in Mississippi.

 Mrs. Colmery has been always the loyal helpmate. Across the fifty years pastorate she has moved close by the side of her husband,  lending her time  as teacher, singer and leader in all phases of church activity. During the service celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the church and in memoriam for her friend,  Mrs. Hankinson, she sang, 'Some Day the Silver Chord Will Break.' She does not get to go as often as she used to but at home she is still supporting the work with her prayers and interest.                 .

 Doctor and Mrs. Colmery celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in June of this year. Coming to the little flower decked cottage fifty years ago as bride and groom, these two have lived here continuously and it has indeed been a house of a heap o’ living.  Six children have grown up to call them blessed. 

 Spared to a splendid life of service for the Master they have weathered many storms, including two yellow fever epidemics, when four of the family were stricken, but no link in the chain has yet been broken and the family remains a devoted unit.

 Rich in experience, the doctor is seventy-nine and Mrs. Colmery is seventy-five years of age while at the same time, both are young in spirit and in appreciation of the problems of today's youth.

 With sparkling eyes and interesting reminiscences they have grown young with the years and are dearly beloved by all who know them."

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Snapshot of Dr. Colmery taken by Mrs. Eva W. Davis, a few weeks ago.