Dr. and Mrs. C. P. Colmery of Edwards
have   received scores of congratulatory
messages this week, upon their 49th
wedding anniversary, which was
celebrated at their home on June 7, 1937.

Reverend and Mrs. C. P. Colmery's
49th Wedding Anniversary

Dr. and Mrs. C. P. Colmery, beloved Christian leaders of Edwards were married 49 years ago last Monday, June 7, in Clarksville, Tenn., her home town.  Immediately following their marriage, they came to Mississippi, accepting a call at the Edwards Presbyterian church where Dr. Colmery has faithfully served since. Six children, three daughters and three sons, all of them now living, were born to the Colmery family. Eleven grandchildren also are in the circle, there having been no deaths in the family.

Coincidental to the anniversary or Dr. and Mrs. Colmery, their three daughters also observe wedding anniversaries on June 7, Mrs. W. B. Gibson of Atlanta having been married 26 years; Mrs. Pittman Sutton, Decatur, Ga., 17; and Mrs. E. S. Hackler, of Edwards, 9.


When the happy couple first met, Dr. Colmery was attending Southwestern College which was then in Clarksville. "One evening," Mrs. Colmery explained with a beaming smile, "Dr. Colmery was at our home with several other young men from the college. We met, and thereafter, he called on numerous occasions for the next five and one half years while in College."


"The day following his graduation, we married, coming to Mississippi on the following day. spending a while at his home n Vaiden before coming on down to Edwards." Mrs. Colmery related.Since their arrival in Edward, the Colmery’s have been an interwoven part of life in the little town. Generations have grown up about them, finding in the happy couple an uncommon understanding of their problems and also a devoted affection. Encouraging and helpful at all times, the couple is an integral part of both social and religious work in Edwards.


Not only do the Colmery’s predominate in life of Edwards. Dr. Colmery is virtually the   only pastor the Yokena Presbyterian church has ever had, naturally it having been his pleasure to have a leading role in this community also.


Perhaps no Mississippi minister has performed more marriages, or officiated at, more funerals than Dr. Colmery. He has missed surprisingly few such occasions since 1888, his first year in the ministry.


Edwards is the only home the couple hass ever had. They have occupied the same house just west of the business district since coming to the town. 


Dr. Colmery formerly lived in Vaiden, Miss., his early life having been spent there. His father, Prof. J. S. Colmery came south from Pennsylvania to teach in the Grenada Boys School, while his mother, the former Miss Geer came south from Vermont to teach in a girls' school in Grenada. Dr. C. P. Colmery was the third of five sons.


Edwards and Yokena communities have been lovely to us," Mrs. Colmery commented on her anniversary. "Most of our old friends have gone, but the younger generalions have grown up to love and respect us.


"It is one of our greatest pleasures to hear from these young men and women, who were so closely associated with us during early life and who later developed into useful people," she stated.


In spite of the advancing years, the couple is living a happy, contented life, enjoying the pleasure of good health and abundant friendships.


They are still "just sweethearts" not only to themselves but to all who have ever known them.


This article was published in June 1937.  It was given to Sonny Rule by Mrs. Del Robey on April 14, 1997.


Charles (Sonny) Rule is Yokena Presbyterian Church “Church Historian”.