From Rev. S. H. Chester to “The Children's Missionary Band of The Yokena Presbyterian Church”. It was mailed to Mrs. Pattie Hankinson who is shown as the "President" of the Band. It was mailed from Nashville, TN, the text showing the month has long since became a meal for silverfish and only the day-30, 1897- is legible.


“Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature"

United States of America
Office of

Secretary of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church in the United States
Post Office Drawer 457
S. H. Chester, Secretary                         Nashville, Term. ----30, 1897

The Children's Missionary Band of the
Presbyterian Church, Yokena, Miss.

My Dear Children;

       I received from your President, Mrs. Hankinson, a check for fifteen dollars, the results of your work for Foreign Missions; and Mrs. Hankinson also wrote me something about the earnest work and sacrifice of which the money was the fruit. I want to assure you it is a great help to us.

If all the churches of our land had Children's Bands that sent us each one, as much as this, it would support a great many missionaries. I know that you have already discovered in your experiences, the truth of that which our Savior said-"It is more blessed to give than to receive". That is to say, I know the children of the Band are all happier than they would have been if they had used this money in buying toys and trinkets for themselves; and as you go along through life you will learn this message more and more.

I sent a few foreign stamps in a letter yesterday, which may interest some of you. Later on if some of you would drop me a postal card to remind me, I will send you some more if you would like to have them.

With very best wishes for each one of you for the success of your work during this new year, I remain.

Very Truly your friend
S. H. Chester

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