Yokena Picnic Will Feature Johnson's Talk

                Candidate to Open Campaign For Governor At Barbecue

Judge Paul B. Johnson will open his campaign for governor with a one-hour address at the big political picnic and barbecue being planned by ladies of the Yokena Presbyterian church next Thursday.

Judge Johnson will appear on a program including a large number of candidates for various offices, state, county and sectional. Included in the day's activities is also a variety of entertainment, and ladies of the auxiliary will serve delicious barbecue dinners.

The gubernatorial candidate, one of the state's most fiery orators, will speak between 11:15 and 12:15.

At the  present time,  all the men seeking county office have written accepting the picnic invitation. A large number of candidates for supervisor, including all from the fifth district, have also accepted. The event being county wide, others from the remaining districts are expected to accept later.

In addition to these, twelve candidates for state offices are on the program.

The picnic and barbecue will be held on the old Hankinson lawn at Yokena, one of the most scenic spots in the county. Giant, moss-hung oak and elm trees, a native Indian Mound and enticing grass gives the place an air of unmistakable charm.

You reach the Hankinson lawn by going south from Vicksburg on Highway 61, and turning left just beyond Kinzer's Store at Yokena.  A half mile from the left turn on the shaded driveway.   

Hammers and saws are busy these days on the Hankinson lawn at Yokena where ladies of the Yokena Presbyterian Church auxiliary are planning a big political picnic for Thursday June 1.  The top photo shows work progressing on the speakers stand, with left to right: Kellogg Bobb, Miss Alice Adele Head; little John Leigh Hyland, Jr., and Ceresse Hyland, and Mrs. J. L. Hyland.  Constructing tables are: (lower photo left to right): G. B. Head, J. L. Hyland and Mrs. G. B. Head