Photo Gallery
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Unpacking the AA-22521
at Vicksburg
Parts assembled;
ready to pack
Building the box for shipping Packed and ready for flight????
The box passed the first test! Great John with all of our baggage in Manaus Sunday night worship at Manaus Bringing down our 'stuff'
Site before installation The Hospital Boat Fleet - Various Owners J.J. Mesquita Amarias and Cčlia take break
The new tank an supplies arrive Captain Rai inspecting the new tank Modifications to the tank-stand Our connection to the boat water supply made
Dinner is served Nete and Pastor Djard Laying out all the parts The stand for the RO is started
Looking Good! Viking Mountain filters mounted Inącio, our welder Inącio, back to work
Packaging vitamins for the next trip Sunrise on the Rio Negro José describing the cover for the system John doing some sanding under
Beginning to take shape Is this LWW tools??? Building the cover Electrical service soon?
It's gonna be tight! Protection Checking the flow and for leaks It's a 'done deal'!
Bob is a 'happy camper' 2 happy guys "Let Clean Water Flow" Captain Raimundo has the first drink
Bob taking a boat ride to see the
Zany Silva III
The Zany Silva III
This may be the next installation
The Zany Silva III
2nd deck
The Zany Silva III
Water Tanks